In May 2020, the City’s previous Electronic Gaming Policy was due to be reviewed. Over the past 18 months, a review and benchmarking process has resulted in the development of a draft Gambling Harm Minimisation Council Policy.

Current research and local data have reinforced the need for gambling policy to take a public health approach, whilst also broadening its scope to include all forms of gambling. The new draft policy balances the right to entertainment with the overarching need to promote community health and wellbeing. It also recognises that gambling harm can be experienced by individuals, their loved ones and the wider community.

The draft policy focuses on preventing and reducing harm by promoting alternatives to gambling, evidence-based planning and community connection. It is underpinned by a harm minimisation framework that focuses on supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction. The draft policy is divided into four priority areas:

  • Planning and regulation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Partnerships and advocacy
  • Council leadership.

Whilst the impacts of all forms of gambling have been considered in the policy’s development, there is still a significant focus on electronic gaming machines (EGMs). It is necessary to acknowledge the important role local government plays in the EGM planning and approvals process.

In 2019/20, more than $88million was lost on EGMs in Greater Geelong. This totalled $329,800 per day that EGMs were in operation. The policy will continue to guide the City and Council's response to planning permit applications, recognising that financial loss and experiences of gambling-related harm are far higher for people who play EGMs.

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