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The Drysdale Landfill, located at 502-510 Founds Road Drysdale, commenced operation in 1983. The landfill is the primary waste disposal facility in the municipality, supporting the City’s operations as well as residential and commercial customers. The landfill and resource recovery centre receives an average of 55,000 visits per annum.

As the Drysdale Landfill approaches the end of its operational life, the future use of the 64ha site needs to be considered. There are currently a range of land uses across the site which include:

  • Active landfill cells;
  • A resource recovery centre for residents and businesses to drop off materials for recycling and disposal;
  • Stormwater and leachate dams/ponds;
  • Former landfill cells that have been capped in line with EPA guidelines; and
  • A disused quarry which is shared with a neighbouring landowner.

Design Options

To ensure the site rehabilitation aligns with the community’s aspirations, the City formed a community reference group in late 2019 to develop a number of landscape plan options. The reference group included neighbouring property owners and members of the Geelong Field Naturalists Club, Drysdale Landfill Community Consultation Group and Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group. The City engaged a landscape design architect to facilitate the reference group meetings. Three landscape plan options were developed from these meetings, each having a different overarching theme:

  • Option 1 - Community access and use;
  • Option 2 - Environmental restoration; and
  • Option 3 - Restoring the landfill and quarry

Cost Estimate

Thompson Berrill Landscape Design (TBLD) prepared costing estimates for each landscape plan option;

  • Option 1 - $10-12M
  • Option 2 - $10-12M
  • Option 3 - $1M

Please note Option 3 includes an estimated $8.5M of revenue generated from the filling of the disused quarry with clean fill. Filling the disused quarry could be considered for Option 1 and 2 to offset capital costs.

Your feedback

The City is seeking community feedback on the future rehabilitation and use of the site after the end of the landfill operations. We are seeking to identify the highest priority actions for the site and if there are any other issues and opportunities that need to be considered in the development of the final plan.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the draft landscape plan options. The community consultation closes on Wednesday 13 October.

  • Please complete the survey below or visit the Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre for a hard copy of the landscape design options and survey. Alternatively, please contact Jack Taylor, Project Engineer - Waste Services (contact details in the 'contact us' section).
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We want to understand what you would like to happen to the Drysdale Landfill site when operations activities at the site are finished.

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