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Draft Environment Strategy

We are seeking your views on the following draft documents:

The City of Greater Geelong Environment Strategy 2020–30 - This strategy identifies the priority environmental management goals, and associated targets, we're aiming to achieve by 2030.

The City of Greater Geelong Environment Strategy Action Plan 2020–22 - This plan details the actions we’ll implement over the next two years to help us achieve our long-term goals.

As the community will be vital in supporting our response to the significant environmental issues facing the region, we invite you to complete the survey below to tell us what you think.

To complete this survey, you should ideally read both the strategy and the action plan (attached). We anticipate it will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the 11 questions included.

All feedback will be reviewed and grouped into themes to inform changes to both documents. These themes and the finalised documents will be presented to Council in September for adoption.

If you require the documents or survey in a hard copy format, please contact us on 5272 5272.

Take the survey here

Sustainability F'work Action Plan

We have adopted a Sustainability Framework that recognises climate change as a global emergency.

The Sustainability Framework brings together all of our priorities and actions relating to sustainability.

We aim to create and maintain a sustainable, thriving environment for our community, that can withstand the impacts of climate change.

We are delivering actions and planning for the future with three core priorities:

  • Environmental solutions and impact minimisation
  • Community equity, wellbeing and inclusion
  • Responsible and transparent business

We invite you to learn about our Sustainability Framework and share your views on the proposed Action Plan.

We will consider the feedback provided as we roll out this Framework and Action Plan and when developing future sustainability plans and strategies.

Please provide your feedback by clicking here. We encourage you to read the attached Sustainability Framework documents prior to taking the survey.

Please contact us on 5272 5272 to request a hard copy of the survey questions.

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