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The Geelong Botanic Gardens is one of our most treasured icons. Home to over 4000 species spanning 400 genera and 100 plant families, the gardens have been adored by generations of Greater Geelong residents since 1851.

Within this expanse of natural beauty, meticulously maintained lawns and gardens flourish year-round. Meandering gravel pathways wind through the blooms, inviting you to embrace the beauty of the flower beds and inspiring landscapes.

The essence of a contemporary botanic garden remains rooted in its historical purpose. Just as in the past, these gardens continue to collect and cultivate plants for research, conservation, education, and horticultural pursuits.

We invite the community to join us in shaping the garden's journey both today and tomorrow. Your input will illuminate the garden's most cherished aspects while guiding us in providing the amenities and spaces that align with visitors' desires and needs in their beloved Botanic Gardens.


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Take a moment to think of how you use and interact with the gardens now, what you like about it and what works well. But also consider what could function better, or what needs to be better protected. With these things in mind, please take our survey, or drop an idea on our idea board below.

Your thoughts and contributions are a vital part of our planning. It helps us make decisions to ensure that the Geelong Botanic Gardens meets the needs of the community and visitors now and into the future.

Please visit any one or more of the multiple options below to have your say:

  • Take our online survey below. You can request a hard copy by contacting the officer listed in the 'Contact Us' section of this page
  • Share your ideas, or tells us what needs to be addressed by leaving a comment on our Ideas Board
  • Come and chat to our team at our Open day. For more details see below
  • Email us your feedback to

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