The Geelong Youth Advisory Board (GYAB) program will provide young people in Geelong with the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the discussions, decision making and actions relating to them in their communities.

The GYAB program will consist of young people aged 12-25 who will meet in person at different locations throughout Geelong every second month. The GYAB members will:

  • Inform the work of Youth Council,
  • Inform youth activities and events in Geelong, and
  • Have an opportunity to raise and discuss issues affecting them and their peers in their communities.

The meetings will be organised, supported, and attended by the City's Youth Development Unit staff. At least one Youth Council member will also attend each meeting. The next meetings will be held at The Fort and Armstrong Creek Youth Hub (see 'Timeline' on this page). More GYAB groups will also be set up later in the year.

See the Terms of Reference (guidelines) for some more information.