Project update – 27 April 2023

Rising construction sector costs are having a big impact on our planned capital works program, including projects such as this one. Cost escalations of around $130 million mean we can afford to deliver fewer projects, and as a result we’ll have to place a number of previously budgeted projects on hold for now.

Unfortunately, this project is one of those that has not been listed in our proposed budget for the next four years, meaning it is planned to be placed on hold.

The project is still on our agenda and we’ll be looking for ways to fund it as soon as we can – including finding savings within our own budget, and seeking external funding.

The proposed budget is available for community feedback here until 24 May and we encourage you to have your say. All feedback will be considered before the final budget is presented to our Council for consideration on 27 June.

If you haven’t already, we also encourage you to follow this project page for future updates.



The City of Greater Geelong will start working on the Highton Village Laneways Upgrade in the next few months.

After many years developing the Highton Urban Design Framework (UDF), which was endorsed by Council in October 2022, we can now begin more detailed design on highlighted projects.

The first project to start design is 'Project 2' from the UDF which includes Bellevue Arcade, Village Walk and the service lane around the supermarket.

Council is funding the design and construction of this project over the next few years.

The ideas and issues you submit will help us progress the initial laneway concepts presented in the UDF.

Please provide your feedback below. The engagement period is open until Tuesday 21 March, 2023 (extended).

Laneway Concept Plans

The following laneways concepts were developed as part of the UDF (Concepts are for 2A and B on the plan). Click on the first image below and then scroll through to view all images.

The concept plans show a variety of proposed upgrades which include:

  • New pavements with some artistic graphics.
  • New pergola with climbing plants.
  • New furniture.
  • New lighting.
  • Other planted areas.

Your feedback

We would love to hear from you.

To help guide the design, we need your input.

We want to hear from you - the people who live, shop, travel through, own businesses and work in this area - before we start the detailed concept plan. We would like your comments on the existing conditions of the laneways as well as the concept plan that was produced through the UDF.

There are two maps below that you can comment on.

1. Existing conditions map. Comment on any issues and ideas you have for the existing laneways.

2. Concept plan. Comment on the concept plan produced as part of the UDF.

If you would like assistance adding your comment to the maps please contact the Urban Design and Heritage Team, see Contact Us section.

Next Steps

1. Ideas and comments will be collated and analysed and an updated concept plan will be produced for further feedback.

2. An updated concept plan will be submitted to this Have Your Say page for further comments. Traders and owners adjoining the laneways will be sent a copy.

3. A detailed plan will be produced taking into account the feedback. These plans will then go out for tender. A copy will be submitted to this page.

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