We are planning a brand new Community Hub for the growing Charlemont community.

The Horseshoe Bend Community Hub will be located on the corner of Amber Avenue and Precinct Road and will be home to early years services (i.e. kindergarten and maternal and child health) and multipurpose community spaces.

We're seeking your help to ensure the Horseshoe Bend Community Hub is a functional and friendly facility for all members of the community to socialise and participate in various programs and events.

Engagement wrap-up

A draft Concept Plan was developed based on your ideas shared in 2023 and provided for community feedback early in 2024. The Community Engagement Report summarises feedback received and how it will be incorporated into design as the project progresses.

This includes:

  1. Celebrate the environment - tree retention where possible, future proofing for a community garden and consideration of both the building and it's surrounds.
  2. Warm, welcoming and safe - making sure the building is functional, includes something for everyone and reflects and promotes sustainability and connection to country.
  3. Easy to reach and to navigate - intuitive design with a network of connections and supporting amenities.

What's next?

Co-Op Architects have been engaged to undertake detailed design for the Hub which will progress through 2024 and into 2025.

The community will have future opportunities to provide feedback on the name of the new Hub.

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Site photos

Frequently Asked Questions

A Concept Plan is the first phase of design for a new facility. It generally shows functional components of the building and site and how they work together.

Once feedback has been collated, the Concept Plan will be updated and design will progress at a more detailed level.

We spoke with various users, clubs and departments to develop the draft key design priorities and presented them for community feedback in 2023.

69% of people agreed and 20% of people somewhat agreed that the key design priorities aligned with what they would like to see at the Horseshoe Bend Community Hub.

The key design priorities will be used as guidelines when faced with challenges or issues in decision making.

Some ideas shared in the Community Check-in #1 included:

  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Pool and gym
  • Skate park
  • Dog park
  • BBQ and picnic facilities

While these facilities hold great value to residents and visitors, they are typically not provided for within a community hub setting.

The City is planning for the delivery of some of these items in the Charlemont and wider Armstrong Creek areas.

To see what's happening you can visit the projects dashboard - https://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/council/articl...

Community Hubs play a significant role in providing various activities and programs that reflect the needs of their local communities. This is why it is important we hear from you, so that the Charlemont community can help shape what this new Hub means to them.

Examples of what happens at other Community Hubs in Geelong includes arts and craft, dance and karate, yoga and meditation, meetings and other corporate events, cooking classes, self learning and social groups, co-working spaces etc.

We need to ensure the building is designed to be flexible and accommodating to these activities.

The Horseshoe Bend Community Hub will also have kindergarten and maternal and child health services.

You can find relevant documents in the 'Links' section of this webpage.

The Horseshoe Bend Community Hub was identified in early precinct planning for community facilities to service the Armstrong Creek communities.

The Marshall - Charlemont area is growing rapidly, with the current population of 6410 set to increase by 178 per cent to 17,859 residents by 2041.

It is important that this new and growing community have access to the facilities and services that they need.

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