Update - December 2021

The Council has resolved to undertake an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for sale or lease of the property.

Update - 6 August 2021

Council approved the market testing and seek proposals to purchase or lease the property at 151 Mercer Street, Geelong 3220, with submissions outlining the proposed uses, development plans, retention or restoration of the heritage fabric and commercial terms.

Update – 11 June 2021 -

This engagement is now closed for evaluation and review.Thank you to everyone who provide feedback, it is valued and appreciated.

The property at 151 Mercer Street, Geelong is being subdivided, and part of it consolidated in the development of the Civic Precinct at 137-149 Mercer Street, Geelong.

The Civic Precinct, named Wurriki Nyal will include the new City office for the City's Central Geelong workforce, customer service centre, community spaces and a secondary commercial building.

The remaining land area of 189m2, including a building with local heritage significance and land being 151 Mercer Street, Geelong, Lot 3 of Plan of Subdivision 83401OW (unregistered), is not required for the Civic Precinct.

While the City considers the land surplus to its requirements for the Civic Precinct, it desires the building to remain and its heritage value honoured, and potentially be redeveloped into a use which will complement the precinct. To enable this, the City proposes to lease or sell the land and building at 151 Mercer Street, Geelong.


151 Mercer Street Geelong– Property to be sold or leased

Represents property 151 Mercer Street, Geelong.

Submissions Process

In accordance with section 223, section 189 & section 190 of the Local Government Act 1989 and Council's Community Engagement Policy, submissions are invited on the proposed sale and/or lease of 151 Mercer Street, Geelong, any person may make a submission to the Council. All submissions will be considered.

If any person wishes to be heard in support of their submission, they must include in their request to be heard in the written submission. This will entitle them to appear either personally or by a person acting on their behalf, before a Submissions Review Panel. The date, time and location will be advised.

Submissions on this matter must be received by 11 June 2021.

Submissions can be made online below or addressed to the Manager - Property, Procurement and Assets, Greater Geelong City Council, PO Box 104, Geelong, Vic, 3220

To ensure your submission is valid please include your name, postal address, a contact phone number, email address (if you have one) and details of your submission.

Submission details

Privacy Clause

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by City of Greater Geelong for the purpose of the collating of submissions regarding this notice to sell or lease of land at 151 Mercer Street, Geelong, or any other directly related purpose.

If the personal information is not collected, we may not be able to contact you for further questions or solutions. Your personal information will only be disclosed as required to do so by law. Our privacy policy is available on our website. If you wish to alter any of the personal information you have supplied to City of Greater Geelong, please contact us by sending an email to privacy@geelongcity.vic.gov.au.