Community engagement is now closed.

Contributions to this engagement have now closed for evaluation and review. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

The City of Greater Geelong is inviting community members and stakeholders to have their say on a draft concept plan for Morena Street Reserve (Gully 3).

The reserve is located at 33-49 Orana Road (Morena St) and 11-21 Old Flour Mill Road in Highton.

The reserve is currently undeveloped but there is an existing trail footprint, and drainage basin on the northern area of the reserve.

The first round of community engagement was conducted in August 2022, where the community told us their highest priority for the reserve is a good, sealed pedestrian connection providing access from north to south while retaining and enhancing the existing natural habitat. This has been prioritised in the draft concept plan to ensure it is included within the available budget.

The City has now developed a concept plan for the reserve based on the community feedback we received and the community aspirations for the reserve.

We are inviting our community to see the draft concept plan and we would love to hear what you think.

The outcome is a community-led concept plan to improve the reserve, enhancing the new growth area and providing spaces for social activities for locals and visitors.

Feedback from the community during Stage 1 Engagement in August 2022 informed the draft Morena Street Reserve Concept Plan. We gathered feedback via a Have Your Say survey and in-person onsite community consultations. There were 119 responses to the survey for Morena Street Reserve, the majority of respondents (94 per cent) were local residents. Currently, 67 per cent of respondents use the reserve for various purposes, predominantly walking, including to access the shops or the Barwon River trail, and to walk the dog(s).

The majority of community members suggested to maintain and enhance the existing natural habitat, with a strong preference for an accessible concrete pedestrian path, canopy trees, nature play and park furniture.

The community's feedback was a vital part of planning and designing the reserve. It helped us ensure the developed reserve meets the needs of the local community.

In partnership with landscape architects, informed by the detailed community feedback, we have developed the draft concept plan, which aims to provide walking trails and a local level playground with canopy trees and wetland enhancement.

The City of Greater Geelong is now inviting community members and stakeholders to have their say on the draft concept plan for Morena Street Reserve. Please view the plan and respond to the Quick Poll and/or Survey.

Feedback from this second round of community engagement, and any recommendations for change will be considered before finalising the concept plan.

The final concept plan will be published on the City's website, and here on our Have Your Say page. An updated summary report will also be published on this page, which will include what we heard and what changes were made in response to feedback.

It is anticipated the concepts will progress to detailed design and construction in 2024.

We would love to hear what you think of the draft concept plan.

Your feedback is a vital part of our planning. It helps us make decisions to ensure the Morena Reserve remains a reserve that meets the needs of the local community.

We'd love you to view the draft concept plan below, and let us know if we have 'captured your thoughts or have we missed anything?', from the first round of engagement.

Your feedback is important to us, please visit any one or more of the multiple options available to have your say: -

  • Our Quick Poll to show if you do /don't support the draft concept plan (this can be found on the right hand side of this page) and/or,
  • Our online survey to expand on your feedback. You can request a hard copy by contacting the officer listed in the 'Who's Listening' section of this page.
  • Survey

    Our survey is currently open until 5pm Monday 11th December to share your thoughts.

    Hard copies are available upon request, please contact the officer in the "Who's Listening" section of this page.

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