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Drysdale Recreation Reserve is a District Playground - these playgrounds offer a larger variety of play elements, catering for children up to age of 14, encouraging role play whilst providing a range of challenges within the capabilities of the age group.

  • As part of Council's Play Strategy, this playground has been identified for renewal in 2021.
  • We have provided the proposed design for this playground and we'd love to hear what you think - you can submit your feedback by completing our short survey.
  • Feedback received will be considered when finalising the playground design.

About our Play Spaces

  • There are currently over 300 public play spaces managed and maintained by the City of Greater Geelong and an additional 62 supervised early childhood centre-based play spaces.
  • All City of Greater Geelong playgrounds are monitored regularly to ensure that they are free from defects and meet current Australian Standards.
  • District playgrounds are on a monitored playground upgrade schedule that is reassessed annually.

We would like to hear from you regarding this proposed playground design....

Regional – generally fairly large spaces with a broad mix of different play opportunities for all ages and abilities usually designed with significant features that are not usually found elsewhere in the municipality. A catchment of 10km or more, these are destination parks where the tendency is for longer visits, family outings and community gatherings. These spaces generally contain toilets, drink fountains, lighting, BBQs etc.

Sub Regional – attracting a larger catchment of 5-10kms from home or a 30 minute cycle trip. Large play spaces with a wider range of play experiences than a district park but less than Regional Play Spaces. People generally stay at these parks for longer periods.

District – usually located within 15 minutes by bicycle from home. Wider range of play opportunities than local parks. Larger spaces usually adjoining sporting reserves with a wider range of equipment.

Neighbourhood – located within walking distance from home, although activities are offered are not as extensive as those offered in district and regional play spaces. Containing open space for informal games, multi activity play equipment including swings, slides and climbing elements.

Drysdale Reserve - proposed playground design

Drysdale Recreational Reserve - proposed playground design

Rear view of proposed playground

Rear view - Drysdale Recreational Reserve - proposed playground design

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