You may recall a community engagement which took place in August/September 2022 to identify support for the unsealed roads in Portarlington to be sealed with kerb and channel.

The results of this survey showed that the following roads received majority support for the roads to be surveyed and designed:

  • Goodwill Street
  • Harding Street
  • Langdon Street (petition received after the survey)
  • Park Street
  • Traum Street
  • Willis Street
  • Welfare Street

We have now completed the necessary design to enable us to understand the cost of sealing these sections of road with kerb and channel and are seeking to understand the level of support for the road to be upgraded via a Special Rate and Charge scheme (SRC). Further information regarding our special Rate and Charges Policy can be found here.

We invite you to join the conversation to enable us to identify if sealing the road in your street as a cost sharing arrangement is something you support or if you would prefer to see the road remain unchanged.

There are a number of ways for you to do this:

View the designs

CR = Park, Willis, Langdon and Harding Streets NW = Goodwill, Traum and Welfare Streets