Expression of Interest on the opportunity to Lease the former City Learning and Care - Trudy Moritz and Former Maternal Child Health centre located at Evans Reserve 19 Sparks Road, Norlane are now open!

To express your interest please read the below requirements and submission process and follow the link to the online application form below.

Expression of interest must be submitted by 5.00pm Friday 26 April 2024.


Future use of the site is open to all proposal concepts that can demonstrate benefit to the community.

Potential uses could include:

  • Community Meeting and Program Spaces;
  • Office space;
  • Early Years services;
  • Arts or cultural use;
  • Youth Services;
  • Not-for-profit;
  • Recreation activities;
  • Professional services;
The City will not accept any illegal uses or any uses which involve gambling.

Proposed use of the site will be subject to planning approval and requirement to obtain a Planning Permit will be the responsibility of any successful lessee.


  • Identify the most appropriate use(s) for the vacant facilities.
  • Maximise community benefit from the facilities.
  • Optimise usage of community facilities.
  • Expand the range of services available to the community.
  • Support Councils Strategic priorities as detailed in Our Community Plan 2021-2025.


Establish a sustainable future use and management of the facilities for the purpose of providing a service to the community that achieves the following outcomes:

  • Well utilised community facilities that meets the needs of the local community.
  • Does not have adverse impacts on the surrounding residents, recreational facilities, or availability of open space at the Reserve.
  • Positive relationship between the City, the new tenant and the local community.


The former City Learning and Care - Trudy Moritz. The Centre is named in recognition of the service to the community by Trudy Moritz, a shire councillor from 1975 – 1984 and shire president 1978 – 1980.

The Tenant will not be permitted to rename the facility, and the premises must retain the recognition of “Trudy Moritz”.

Former Maternal Child & Health Centre has no naming retention requirements.

The successful applicant will be required to obtain permits directly from the City.

A Planning Permit will be required for the use of the premises. This may include conditions on the use, such as permitted hours of operation.

A Building Permit(s) will be required for all building works. Works will need to meet the Victoria Building Code specification.

An Occupancy Permit will need to be issued before the building(s) can be occupied.

The Occupancy Permit will specify the permitted use of the building.

The Occupancy Permit will identify the maximum number of people that can use the building at any one time, this is dependent on the useable area within the building.

The respondent will be required to hold their own insurance as required by law and contract conditions and will be required to provide evidence of this insurance coverage within 7 days of it being requested by the City.

Based on submissions received the City will consider the most appropriate form of tenure.

Additional requirements in relation to conditions and asset management/maintenance responsibilities will be negotiated at the offer stage.

A Council's power to lease any land to any person is limited to leases for a term of 50 years or less.

Based on submission received the City will consider the most appropriate fee structure.

The Citys process for establishing rent on City land is outline below:

  • The City will establish the market rent for the premises this market rental valuation will provide clarity on the subsidy available.
  • The City offers community organisations subsidies off Market Rent, the level of subsidy depends on the type of community use lease category.
  • The City categorise Leases by the following:


Under the community use category there are 3 different methods for calculating rent depending on whether they are:

  • Full community leases where there are no commercial activities, and the applicant demonstrates a low or medium capacity to generate profit, The Minimum Community Lease fee is $500 + GST pa.
  • Mixed-use community leases where there are commercial activities, and the applicant demonstrates a low or medium capacity to generate profit
  • High profit community leases where the tenant has a high capacity to generate profit from the use of the leased premises. It is irrelevant whether or not commercial activities are conducted.

The rent paid by tenants for community use leases involves a subsidy from market rent. The level of subsidy depends on the type of community use lease category.


The site is used predominantly for commercial or private purpose. In exchange for exclusive use of public land the tenant may provide some public benefits but there is no discount of market rent.

The table below outlines each category and summary of rent calculation.

The table below outlines each category and summary of rent calculation.


Carefully read all parts of this document;

  • Complete the submission form and attach any supporting documents; and
  • Lodge your submission before 5.00pm on Friday 24 April 2024

You will be required to complete the online submission form the submission is broken down in 4 categories:

About you:

  • details of you / your organisation;
  • purpose/goals;
  • your activities/services;
  • your certificate of currency of 20 million public liability insurance;

Proposal Concept:

Your proposal concept including, proposed use of facility, who will access etc.

Strategic Alignment:

Project Management and Viability

Your proposed improvements, indicative costings, financial capacity/funding for works, project management experience.

The Submission must be received by the City by 5.00pm Friday 24 April 2024.

The Submission is to be completed via the online application form linked below.

The City has used all reasonable efforts in compiling this EOI. The City is not liable to applicants for any inaccuracy or omission in this EOI or any additional information which may be provided or withheld.

The City will not review a submission which is received after the deadline.

Submissions will be evaluated against the submission criteria.

All applicants will receive a response to their submission advising of the outcome.

Submissions that do not contain all information requested (eg completed submission form) may be excluded from evaluation.

The City reserves the right to:

  • Notify the applicants in writing before the deadline of any changes to this EOI.
  • Extend the deadline for submissions; or
  • Cancel, amend, re-issue or withdraw all or part of this EOI and/or process at any stage, without incurring any liability.

For any further queries or information regarding this opportunity please contact:

Stephanie Morgan

Property Leasing Officer

Phone 5272 4403