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Help us put the pieces of our future together

The City of Greater Geelong invites you to take part in customer experience research activities with us. Participants will be able to directly contribute to improving how our wide range of services are delivered.

We are interested in getting a better understanding of your experiences when contacting us for information; when requesting services; when reporting an issue; or making a payment. We also want your feedback on potential new systems and tools to improve your experience in the future.

Using research approaches such as surveys, interviews, workshops and focus groups, we want to better understand your experience as a customer of the City of Greater Geelong. We will let you know how much time the specific engagement you will undertake when we invite you to participate.

If you want to share your insights and help us improve our service delivery, please register your interest via the form below by 26th April, 2021.

Key topics for discussion

  • Contacting Us

    What is your experience when you need to tell us something, and how we can improve?

  • Building or Renovating

    Understanding your lived experience and improving the permit process

  • Pets

    Understanding your experience of owning a pet in the City of Greater Geelong.

  • Using our Website

    How could we improve our online experience?

  • Payment process

    How could we improve your payment experience?

All images were taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

How to register your interest

In order to find the most suitable methods of engagement for you, we have developed this questionnaire to capture your details, preferences and experiences.

By completing this questionnaire you consent to us inviting you to take part in research with the City.

Your information will only be used for the purpose of inviting you to participate in this research project.

I have registered, what happens next?

The questionnaire will let us know which research projects you are interested in. As we plan different research activities that match your interests, we will contact you and invite you to take part. We appreciate your time and your willingness to participate. We will always provide detailed information on what to expect when we send you an invitation.

If you are unable to take part in an activity that's okay. We will continue to keep you on our register and invite you to other opportunities unless you choose to opt out of being a part of our research community.

What will the research look like?

We take a human centred approach to our research. This means that we will be using different research methods with you depending on the topic and how you chose to engage with us.

We understand that not everyone has access to, or are comfortable using, online tools so we will use a number of research practices face to face, over the phone and online to enough options that everyone feels able to participate. This will include surveys (similar to the questionnaire you have just completed) as well as interviewing, focus groups and prototype testing.

All of our in-person practices will follow strict Covid-19 guidelines to ensure we are staying safe and in line with government restrictions.

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by City of Greater Geelong for the purpose of Customer Research or any other directly related purpose. If the personal information is not collected, we may not be able to contact you for further questions or solutions. Your personal information will not be disclosed, except as required to do so by law. Our privacy policy is available on our website. If you wish to alter any of the personal information you have supplied to City of Greater Geelong, please contact us by sending an email to