The City recently launched Our Community Plan, 4-year budget and Long-term Financial Plan 2021-2031.

Every year, we review our progress against Our Community Plan to see where we need to concentrate our efforts to deliver on our Clever and Creative Vision for Greater Geelong.

As part of this work, the City is seeking input and feedback from the community on where investment could be directed to continue to deliver on our Clever and Creative Vision and Our Community Plan. This includes proposals for any specific initiatives for consideration for its 2022-23 Budget

Feedback and ideas from the community help the Council to ensure its strategic priorities align with the areas identified as being important to the community.

All submissions must outline community benefit from the idea, scope of the initiative and, where feasible, project funding costs.

Please share your ideas by clicking the panel below called '2022-23 Budget Feedback'.

Our Community Plan

Our Community Plan is set by our Council to outline how we will work towards making Greater Geelong a clever and creative city-region.

It represents our community voice and guide our resources to deliver infrastructure, services and programs to ensure the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our region.

Read more about Our Community Plan 2021-25 or explore our four strategic directions below.

A healthy community is one where everyone has the opportunity to experience their best possible health and wellbeing.

Desired outcomes

  • Our community feels welcome, safe and connected
  • Our community has equitable access to health and social services, information and infrastructure
  • Healthy behaviours and environments are promoted, supported and accessible

Protecting our environment is a key priority of our Sustainability Framework 2020 and we are committed to achieving zero emissions, using the planning framework to influence sustainable growth in the built environment, increasing green spaces, supporting biodiversity and leading our community to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Desired outcomes

  • We are delivering our vision for sustainable growth across the municipality
  • We have a choice of housing and lifestyles to meet the diverse needs of our community
  • There are connected transport networks throughout the region that support liveability and prosperity
  • Greater Geelong has quality, vibrant public spaces
  • We are leading a reduction in community emissions and are increasing the City’s resilience to climate change impacts
  • We protect and restore our natural environment
  • We minimise waste with good design and manage effective recovery of resources

Our economy is changing to service Geelong’s growing population and meet the needs of emerging industries.

Desired outcomes

  • We have a global, national and local reputation as a place to do business – especially in our key sectors
  • We have a diversified, future-focused and sustainable economy to drive employment and support growth
  • We are an influential Council that builds effective private and public partnerships, taking the lead role in advocating for future investment

Under the leadership of Council, we are duty-bound to make decisions that are evidence-based, financially responsible and reflect the needs of the community and stakeholders we serve. In a rapidly changing environment, this can be a balancing act.

Desired outcomes

  • Our services are accessible and meet the diverse needs of our community
  • We are acknowledged and recognised as a leading council and organisation
  • We have a healthy, safe, inclusive and diverse culture
  • We are a financially sustainable and resilient organisation

Share your suggestions

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Privacy Clause

The personal information requested on this page is being collected by City of Greater Geelong for the purpose of the identifying initiatives for consideration in the 2022-23 Budget or any other directly related purpose. If the personal information is not collected, we may not be able to contact you for further questions or solutions. Your personal information will only be disclosed as required to do so by law. Our privacy policy is available on our website. If you wish to alter any of the personal information you have supplied to City of Greater Geelong, please contact us by sending an email to privacy@geelongcity.vic.gov.au.