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The City of Greater Geelong is seeking the community's views on the preferred location of the proposed Jetty Road Child and Community Hub. The Child and Community Hub is proposed to include child and maternal services, including three and four-year old kindergarten program, playgroup, maternal and child health and complementary community space/s that can be used for a range of activities.

The Jetty Road Child and Community Hub was identified in the Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan Stage 1 for delivery at 2-10 Oceania Drive, Curlewis. The plan was approved in 2008. This location seen as having the benefits of being adjacent to the Neighbourhood Activity Hub (known as Bayview Central) and future open space.

An opportunity has recently emerged to consider relocating the Child and Community Hub to land alongside the Clifton Springs Primary School. Co-locating kindergarten programs with school sites provides benefits for local families who have children from kindergarten to school age, making drop-off time simpler and more convenient, and supporting a smooth transition between kindergarten and primary school.

Co-locating the hub to the Clifton Springs Primary School could also allow the Oceania Drive site to be retained for additional community use and benefit.

We would like to hear your views about a preferred location.

The feedback collected will be used to inform a report to council in 2021, noting there will still be a requirement for further engagement and planning processes before any final decision could be made.

Additional project information is available in the document library section of this page together with frequently asked questions. You can also register to attend an information session or contact the project officer for a one on one conversation.



We invite you to provide input using the online survey below.

This survey will help us understand your views about the preferred location of the proposed Child and Community Hub.

Information gathered from this survey will inform a report to council in 2021. Noting further engagement and planning processes are still required.

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