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Project Update - July 2022

The majority of the playgrounds for the 2022 Playground Renewal Program have been delivered, however, there have been some delays with playground installations due to contractor illness and wet weather. We hope to have the remaining playgrounds installed by mid August 2022.


As part of the City's annual playground renewal program, and in line with the City's Play Strategy, we are renewing ten Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds across the municipality.

The renewal program will make sure each of the following playgrounds has somewhere to run, swing, slide and climb, as well as an update of the existing play equipment:

  • Belmont Heights Playground Belmont
  • Burdoo Reserve Grovedale
  • St Leonards Tennis Reserve St Leonards
  • Dare Reserve Ocean Grove
  • Flinders Reserve South Lara
  • Kanimbla Reserve Leopold
  • Kyeema Avenue Reserve Highton
  • St Leonards Lake Reserve St Leonards
  • Shoubra Reserve Highton
  • Wiffen Park Portarlington

We would love to hear your thoughts on the proposed plans for the playground(s) you and your family visit. Please view the proposed playground design for the nine Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds below and provide your feedback by completing a short survey. Surveys close on Wednesday 12 January 2022.

Together with Rotary the current play equipment will be dismantled and reassembled overseas for other children to enjoy.


  • There are currently over 300 public play spaces managed and maintained by the City of Greater Geelong and an additional 62 supervised early childhood centre-based play spaces.
  • All City playgrounds are monitored regularly to ensure that they are free from defects and meet current Australian standards.
  • Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds are on a monitored playground upgrade schedule that is reassessed annually.
  • Local / Neighbourhood play spaces are accessible to neighbouring residents via foot or bicycle and are key community assets where physical activity can occur (both part of the journey and the destination), without having to pay fees, join a team or rely on a certain number of players to participate.


Play spaces can be categorized into a hierarchy of five different tiers, depending on its purpose, size, catchment and the opportunities available. The hierarchy is as follows:

  • Local / Neighbourhood – smallest play space, located close to homes, providing a smaller range of play opportunities and amenities, with a catchment of 400m.
  • District - provide a wider range of play opportunities than local play spaces and cover a greater catchment area (up to 2 km). They are strategically located within larger reserves or sporting reserves and cater for a range of age groups.
  • Sub-regional – a medium sized play space, providing a range of play opportunities and amenities, These Play Spaces will draw from a 5-10km radius. They will cater for all ages and abilities and be built as part of a larger open space or multi-use centre.
  • Regional – largest play space, providing a broad range of play opportunities and amenities, with a catchment of 10km or more.
  • State / National – play space of state or national significance, usually part of a precinct.


Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds:

  • are located within walking distance of homes;
  • although activities are offered they are not as extensive as those offered in district and regional play spaces;
  • have open space for informal games;
  • offer multi activity play equipment including swings, slides and climbing elements.

When we are renewing our Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds we will make sure there is:

  • somewhere to run;
  • somewhere to swing;
  • somewhere to slide; and
  • somewhere to climb.

The current playground equipment will be replaced with new equipment, a seat will be installed and trees planted for shade. The surface around the play equipment will remain as soft fall (playground safe tan bark).

This renewal does not include fixed shade structures, water play, an increase in playground size or change of playground hierarchy (i.e. this playground will remain a Local / Neighbourhood playground).

Local / Neighbourhood Playgrounds due for renewal

The following ten Local / Neighbourhood playgrounds are due for renewal. They are all located within walking or bike riding distance from homes, catering primarily for children aged 3-7 years, with standard access to all levels. Click on the playground(s) you visit to view the proposed plan and complete the short survey.

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