Proposed Partial Road Deviation - Pigdon Street, Portarlington

The Greater Geelong City Council (Council) proposes to deviate a portion of Pigdon Street, Portarlington in accordance with the endorsed development plan for the site located at 185-235 Geelong Road, Portarlington and using Council's authority to deviate a road in accordance with Clause 2 of Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The proposed deviation is recommended by VicRoads to resolve deficiencies in the existing intersection between Pigdon Street and Geelong Road. The deviation is represented by the hatching on the plan below. The cross hatched portion of road will be discontinued and will be transferred to the developer.

The development will be completed in accordance with its planning permit requirements and the land from the discontinued road will provided for an open space waterway. The developer will construct the new road on the hatched area which will become a municipal road.

The Council now invites you to make a submission to the proposed deviation.


Submissions process

In accordance with section 223 of the Act and the City's Community Engagement Policy, Council invites submissions on this proposed deviation. All submissions will be considered. If any person wishes to be heard in support of their submission, they must include their request to be heard in the written submission. This will entitle them to appear either personally or by a person acting on their behalf, before a Submissions Review Panel. The date, time and location will be advised.

Written submissions on this matter must be received by 4pm Friday 30 July 2021 and addressed to the Property Coordinator - Property and Leasing, Greater Geelong City Council, PO Box 104, Geelong, Vic,3220. Alternatively, submissions can be made online below.

Submission details

This engagement has now closed.

Privacy Clause

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