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City of Greater Geelong Councillors have endorsed a 30-year vision for the National Wool Museum to extend its focus beyond wool to represent the broader story of Geelong.

The vision aims to broaden the scope and purpose of the Museum to reflect the region’s 60,000-year living culture and history, from First Nations People to the emerging and advanced industries of today.

The multi-award-winning National Wool Museum was opened by the City in 1988 with a focus on the cultural life of Australians as told through wool, fibre and textiles.

However, research and engagement studies have shown that the Museum’s focus on wool limits its ability to connect with a broader audience and align with Council's strategic objectives. Since 2010 the Museum has been broadening its programming to reflect changes in the Geelong community and the expectations of visitors.

This Vision builds on the successes and legacy of the National Wool Museum. It is an evolution and expansion of scope. The story of wool and collections will remain a core component of the Museum.

In expanding its scope and purpose, the Museum will be a contemporary cultural destination that builds on its wool and textile legacy by adding to the stories it preserves and presents.

A business case will be developed to fully explore the opportunities for the reimagined and expanded museum, including a potential development of the Dennys Lascelles Wool Stores to display and interpret Council’s large and diverse art and heritage collection.

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    About the Museum

    Located in a beautifully restored 1872 Bluestone woolstore near Geelong's waterfront, the Museum is a vibrant and inclusive gathering place. Aligned with Geelong's UNESCO City of Design designation, the Museum explores 60,000 years of human endeavour and industry of the region. From Australia's First Nations living culture and heritage to the emerging and advanced industries of today. Our award-winning galleries give visitors a modern museum experience where they can connect with the land and generations of those who lived on these lands before.