Our activities are contributing to rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet at an unprecedented rate and threaten the very places we live, work and play. If emissions continue to increase at the current rate, global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052.

A warming planet has a significant impact on a range of climate variables including temperature, rainfall and sea level. Climate change pressures are already causing impacts on vulnerable areas of the world, including our region. We need to do all we can to reduce our emissions as quickly as possible to help tackle this global issue.

In response to overwhelming community support, the City recognised climate change as a global emergency through its Sustainability Framework, launched in 2020.

The climate emergency affects everyone and therefore, it is in everyone's interest to respond. There is only so much that any single organisation or group can do acting alone. We need collective action as well as an individual response. Collective action can only occur if we understand the issues, have shared goals and joint commitment to collaborative action.

Community interest in tackling climate change is growing, but the region needs a holistic plan to show how we (the City, residents, and businesses) will rapidly reduce our emissions and adapt to climate change risks.

In response to this need, the City is leading the development of a new Climate Change Response Plan.

IMAGE: Climate Rally 2019, Photographer: Centre for Climate Safety