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Contributions to this engagement have currently closed. Public feedback will be requested when the Draft Plan is launched.


The City of Greater Geelong (the City) acknowledges the changing climate is a global emergency and recognises the urgent need to take appropriate action, both mitigation and adaptation. The City is developing a Climate Change Response Plan (CCRP), identified as a priority action in the new Sustainability Framework and Environment Strategy 2020-2030.

The Plan will provide a roadmap for how the City will reduce its operational carbon emissions and manage its climate change risks. The Plan will also identify how the City can support community and business efforts to reduce emissions and preparing to adapt to the likely impacts of a changing climate.

Through this engagement process, the City’s goal is to work with both internal and external stakeholders and the community to co-develop a municipality wide Climate Change Response Plan that is understood, accepted and supported by all parties, providing a platform for a shared commitment to collaborative action.

Community interest in tackling climate change is growing, but the region needs a holistic plan to show how we (the City, residents, and businesses) will rapidly reduce our emissions and adapt to climate change risks.

In response to this need, the City is leading the development of a new Climate Change Response Plan.

Climate Action Case Studies

Communities, businesses, and individuals across the City of Greater Geelong region are taking action to reduce their emissions and build resilience to climate-related impacts. The following case studies provide a few examples of these actions.

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