Climate change is altering the frequency, intensity and duration of climate related events. As part of the South Western Slopes region of Victoria, the municipality is likely to experience significant climate related changes over the coming decades (Figure 1).

Figure 1:Climate projections for the Barwon Region

Climate change adaptation involves preparing for actual or expected changes in the climate, to minimise harm, act on opportunities, or cope with the consequences.

In 2017, the Victorian Government released its Climate Adaptation Plan 2017-2020. It acknowledges the immense risks posed by climate change and the complexity of the challenges of adapting. It emphasises the need for building shared understanding, co-design of solutions and flexibility in policies, plans and actions to help equip us to be prepared to adapt.

The City’s role is to provide leadership concerning climate change adaptation, working with the community and stakeholders to understand the issues and risks, evaluate the alternatives and collaboratively implement appropriate adaptation pathways.

IMAGE: Collendina Beach 2019