Current Update - August, 2023 / June 2024.

To assist in collecting accurate data for the Ocean Grove Stormwater study, we are surveying properties in the area. Our surveying contractor will be taking measurements on various properties at ground floor level. The surveyor does not need to enter your residence and you do not need to be available/onsite for the measurements to be taken. Residents have been notified by mail if their property is included in the survey.

The surveying is scheduled to begin on 21 August 2023, and will run for approximately twelve weeks.

Update - June 2024

Survey is now complete.

Past Updates

The study team has completed the model setup and validation to historical events. They used the two events in April 2017, 9th-10th and 24th to confirm the model.

There was an excellent response from the community during our engagement period. We received a significant amount of flood data submitted for the April rain events. This data was invaluable in the validation process and allowed us to establish suitable model parameters.

A model setup and validation report was completed in December 2021 which was then peer reviewed.

We've since been testing our work by running design flood events in the model. The design events range from the 20% (1 in 5) annual exceedance probability (AEP) up to 1% (1 in 100) AEP events as well as a rarer 0.5% (1 in 200) AEP event.

We expect to finish out testing by mid-June. We will then seek feedback on the calibration and design event mapping from the community in July.

We will also be surveying properties within the 0.5% AEP flood map to identify properties that may have above floor flooding. The survey information will be used to prioritise areas for potential flood mitigation options.

We will also look for ways to manage water quality and quantity during frequent events through an Integrated Water Management (IWM) framework. This will leverage the synergies between water management and urban greening whilst creating resilient and liveable neighbourhoods.


The Ocean Grove Stormwater Study will help the City and relevant authorities to better understand and manage flood risk, stormwater quality impacts, and alternative water supply options in the region. The study area includes Ocean Grove, Wallington, Marcus Hill and parts of Point Lonsdale.

We are asking residents and business and property owners to locate their areas of interest on the map below, view the information, and share their experiences with stormwater.

This valuable information will support future planning for land use, community flood preparedness and emergency response in the catchment area.

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