The City's Public Street Lighting Policy and Public Street Lighting Engineering Design Note 15 were adopted by Council on the 26 October. View the adopted documents in the document library to the right of this page. Thank you to everyone who contributed during the engagement period.


The purpose of the City's (draft) Public Street Lighting Policy is to provide the principles upon which safe street and public place lighting will be provided and maintained.

The Policy (and supporting Engineering Design Note 15) applies to all street, public place and precinct lighting (as defined in the definitions) located in streets and public places (excluding active sporting facilities such as football ovals) under the jurisdiction of the City and within the City boundaries.

In reviewing the 2008 Public Lighting Policy, it was determined that separating the Policy Directions and the operational aspects for Public Lighting was best for clarity and decision making purposes.

The City's role in public lighting

The City in collaboration with the Distributor (Powercor) is responsible for the establishment of new street lights, maintenance and operation of the street lighting network. As the network has grown, the challenge of maintaining and replacing the existing fleet of street lights has also grown considerably.

Our other challenge is to ensure that in the long term, there is a consistent aesthetic throughout the City without compromising public safety that street lighting primarily delivers, and that maintenance and replacement costs to the City are appropriate.

Street lighting can create a sense of place or identity for residents and visitors alike. Many places within the municipality have street lighting that enhance a location’s character. The revised Policy and supporting Engineering Design Note 15 clarifies where decorative street lighting can apply.

We have consulted with Land Development community and City officers between July - August 2020. The draft Policy and Engineering Design Note 15 is the result of this consultation. It is now time to hear from the wider community.

The Land Development sector delivers the bulk of the new street lighting in the municipality, however other parties are welcome to comment.

How to have your say

We are interested in hearing feedback on the revised Policy and supporting Engineering Design Note 15 in relation to street lighting.

Please provide your feedback via the online survey below or by contacting the officer listed in the 'Contact us' section.

We will consider all feedback in relation to street lighting and will summarise the main themes and how the revised policy will address these.

Privacy Clause

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