As part of the Barwon Heads Village Masterplan process, the City is seeking community feedback on dog controls in place at the Barwon Heads Village Park reserve, including the equestrian centre.

We would like to know whether you think that there should be any changes to increase off-leash spaces for dogs in all or part of this shared reserve.


In line with the City’s municipal-wide Dog Controls in Public Places Policy, dogs are currently required to be on-leash in most parts of the reserve, including within the equestrian centre which is shared with the local pony club.

Dogs are only permitted to be off leash on the two playing ovals outside times when they are being used for organised sport and training.

In response to local feedback and as part of the Barwon Heads Village Masterplan process, the City is investigating whether the application of the policy should be modified, allowing for dogs to be walked off-leash within part of or all of the reserve under certain circumstances.

In particular, in recognition that the equestrian centre is free from equestrian activity most of the time, the City is considering whether dogs should be permitted off-leash in the equestrian centre when there are no horses and riders present.

In addition to this survey on the review of dog controls at Barwon Heads Village Park, we will be seeking further input on the Barwon Heads Village Masterplan early this year. This further consultation will provide the opportunity to give feedback on the future vision for the reserve and the actions required to protect and further enhance its amenity.

Barwon Heads Village Park - dog controls

​How to participate

You can assist the City to understand how the reserve is currently used and people's preferences for the reserve, by participating in one or more of the following activities:

  • Complete the online survey below, and/or
  • Provide your feedback in person at the Barwon Heads Village Park reserve, where City officers will be delivering the survey in-person on:
    • The morning of Friday 8 January 2021
    • The afternoon of Monday 11 January 2021

Provide your feedback

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