We are seeking input from the community to help renew and enhance the Barwon Heads Village Park Master Plan.

This page provides some background information including issues and opportunities which have emerged so far in this process.

We plan to release the draft Master Plan in April 2021 for community feedback and we encourage you to follow this page for updates on this process.

Alongside the Master Plan, we recently sought feedback on dog controls at Barwon Heads Village Park which are now being reviewed.


Barwon Heads Village Park is a 23 hectare park in the coastal village of Barwon Heads.

The renewed Barwon Heads Village Park Master Plan will build on the 2012 plan creating a new vision for the park for the next 10 years.

The draft plan is currently being prepared and will be released for public consultation in April 2021. Please follow this page for updates.

The park's significant natural, cultural and landscape values underpin the opportunities the park provides for the local community and visitors. These will be instrumental in informing the vision, goals and objectives for the park.

The park embodies a range of environmental and community values that need to be protected. The draft plan will respond to changes and increases in use, including participation in organised sport and less formal recreation and leisure activities. There are also some ageing facilities which need to be assessed for suitability to meet the current and future needs of the Barwon Heads community.

An important consideration will be how to balance the needs for structured and unstructured places, organised and informal use and the spaces and facilities required to support them. Other changes in use, particularly through the COVID-19 period, are also being considered to ensure the park remains a sustainable place to visit for the whole community.

The Cities new Social Infrastructure Plan now provides clear guidance for planning how places and social infrastructure need to respond to community demand. The key objectives of the policy are to ensure social infrastructure is:

  • Equitable
  • Accessible
  • Adaptable
  • Integrated
  • Sustainable


Moonah Woodland and trees

Moonah Woodland is afforded a high degree of protection under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, in recognition of its vulnerability and rarity.

Within the Barwon Heads Village Park, there are several trails which provide opportunities for visitors to wander through and appreciate this significant vegetation which is home to many species of insects, small animals and birds.

The Moonah Woodland is a core characteristic of Barwon Heads Village Park and opportunities are being considered to create stronger connections with other areas of native vegetation in the park.

Landscape amenity and woodland areas

Tuart trees, native Eucalypts from Western Australia, exist across the park as individual trees, in rows and as avenues. They provide an important tree canopy but they are now ageing.

Dune woodlands add to the coastal character of the park.Dune woodlands are being restored along the eastern edge of the park protecting sensitive dune systems and areas of cultural heritage.


A formal shared trail network winds around the park providing opportunities for walking, dog walking and bike ridingThe trail network provides a range of experiences traversing open grassed areas and more wooded and sheltered corridors.

The participation of children in cycling has increased, particularly through the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Some informal tracks and jumps have been developed by local children and opportunities are being considered for sustainable and safe locations for children’s bike play.

RT fuller oval and pavilion

The RT Fuller oval is the main football and cricket oval in the park and is Barwon Heads second football oval. It primarily supports junior football and cricket.The main pavilion is a multi-use shared space. The junior football, cricket club and Soccer club all use the pavilion. Some of the spaces inside the pavilion do not comply with current codes and the master plan will explore how to improve facilities that are more inclusive.

New training lights are currently being installed to boost its capacity to hold training activities. The plan will consider other minor infrastructure to enhance the player and spectator information and experience.

H Blyth Field

The H Blyth field serves as a soccer pitch in winter and cricket oval in summer. The field underwent irrigation improvements as a result of the last plan.The area to the south serves as a space for athletics with minor safety improvements being considered.

L.G.Frost equestrian area

The grassed areas of the equestrian facility allow for the local pony to hold meetings for members to refine their skills and compete in equestrian disciplines with other clubs.

The equestrian area is divided into two areas in the NE of the park. The area is also an important informal recreation area when not being used by horses.Significant older Moonah trees surround the current pavilion which require further protection.

CFA and Barwon Grove Golf Club

The CFA have undertaken some recent upgrades to ensure the facility remains fit for purpose. The grassed area south of the main shed is an important staging area for strike teams to meet in preparation for major deployments.

The Barwon Grove Golf Club played an integral role in the formation of the Barwon Heads Village Park in the 1960s. There is not golf course within the park but the clubhouse continues to be popular for social events.

Significant older Moonah trees surround the clubhouse which require some further protection and improvements to parking and access.

Playscape, picnic area and skatepark

The playscape affectionally known as the 'pirate park' was delivered since the last plan and is a major hub for families and kidsPicnic tables, shelter and BBQ's exist surrounding the playscape. More sheltered areas are being considered to enhance these opportunities. The Skatepark is a popular destination that provides an important means of engaging older kids with open space and active lifestyles.

Bowls Club and Tennis Club

A new pavilion location is being considered closer to the green with the club having secured some federal funding to progress the project.The current bowls pavilion is impacting on environmental values and has a number of issues with toilets and accessibility. Consideration is being given to the site being used for a new building to co-locate Scouts and 13th Beach boardriders.
The tennis pavilion is quite small and the rear court surface is ageing. Pavilion extensions and resurfacing are being considered to provide a more viable and sustainable tennis experience.

South East Corner and Scouts

The current scout building is ageing and is no longer fit for purpose.

The current site for the Scouts provides a desirable setting but has a number of constraints for redevelopment sited in a secondary conservation area and area of cultural heritage sensitivity.Parking and access in the SE corner is not well defined. Options to retain the undeveloped feel but improve definition and protection of vegetation is being considered.


A Project Reference Group has been established for the project including the following groups:

  • Barwon Grove Golf Club
  • Barwon Heads Association
  • Barwon Heads Bowling Club
  • Barwon Heads Cricket Club
  • Barwon Heads & District Pony Club
  • Barwon Heads Fire Brigade
  • Barwon Heads Football and Netball Club
  • Barwon Heads Little Athletics
  • Barwon Heads Scouts
  • Barwon Heads Soccer Club
  • Barwon Heads Tennis Club

Additionally the following group has also been consulted as a potential tenant at the reserve.

  • 13th Beach Boardriders

The reference group have been consulted during the first two stages and will provide ongoing input and advice to the project and final master plan. This will be complemented by broader community feedback sought on the draft plan.

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