Update 15 December, 2021

Council at its meeting of 14 December, 2021 adopted the Procurement Policy effective 1 January 2022.

The final policy will be uploaded to this page in January 2022.

Update 5 November, 2021

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Procurement Policy, feedback is currently being reviewed and will be considered in finalising the policy.

The policy will be presented at the December Council meeting for adoption


All procurement activity at the City is governed by our Procurement Policy, which outlines the principles, objectives and requirements that we must meet when purchasing goods or services on behalf of the City.

In order to comply with the Local Government Act 2020 ("Act"), the City must adopt a new Procurement Policy before the end of December 2021 that meets all the requirements outlined in the Act.

Our current Procurement Policy will remain until it is replaced by a new Procurement Policy, which will be adopted by Council before the end of December 2021. The current Procurement Policy will form the base of the new policy, and any feedback from this consultation will be used to inform the development of a new policy.

It is best practice to regularly review the Procurement Policy to ensure alignment with other Council policies and any changes in legislation.

A Procurement Policy is a document that outlines the City's purchasing processes and sourcing strategies. This can ensure the decision making and associated risk management of procuring such goods and services are carried out in a transparent, objective, timely and cost effective manner.

The purpose of the Procurement Policy is to ensure the City is committed to the following

  • Ratepayers' funds are spent responsibly;
  • Regard has been given to the relevant Council approved frameworks, including the social, equity, diversity and sustainability pillars;
  • Ensure that rules and processes are clear, transparent and assign accountability to deliver procurement of goods and services to the standards of probity publicly expected of local government;
  • Minimise the incidence of illegal activity (including fraud and corruption) and other behaviours that may impact on the reputation of the Local Government Authority by the establishment of appropriate controls and measures; and
  • Ensure value for money and an open and fair competition is promoted.

Your feedback

The community is invited to have its say on the draft document for the next four weeks. All opinions will be considered before finalising the documents.

We recommend you review the draft Procurement Policy before providing your feedback via the online submission form below.

All submissions must be received by 5:00pm, 29 October 2021.