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Council is seeking your feedback on the Draft Sustainability Policy.

The Policy explains what we will do to make sustainability part of our culture, so we can deliver better outcomes for our community and integrate sustainable thinking into every form of business, when we make decisions, write strategies, plans and policies, manage risks and allocate resources.

This assists us in finding long-term solutions to the many challenges we face including climate change, population growth, infrastructure development and social equity.

The Policy also supports the delivery of the Sustainability Framework and Action Plan, two documents which have recently been out for community consultation and have been updated to include valuable knowledge and insight from our community.

To continue the conversation with us on this critical topic, we encourage you to read the attached documents and have your say on the Draft Sustainability Policy by 5:00pm Wednesday 9th September.

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Simone Boer
Manager Strategy and Performance
City of Greater Geelong,
PO Box 104,
Geelong VIC 3220

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