Tivoli Drive/Greenvale Drive is a north-south connector road between Portarlington Road and the Bayview Central shopping area.

Following its opening to through traffic in August 2020, some concerns have been raised about the volume and speed of traffic, noise, road width and lack of knowledge about the interim design of Tivoli Drive.

In response, the City has implemented traffic calming measures such as speed humps, parking restrictions, splitter islands and improved signage, at a total cost of about $98,000.

Speed trailers were also placed on the road in May to help improve compliance with speed limits.

Update - 10 September 2021

Following a resolution from Council, a report considering alternative options to the operation and modification of Tivoli Drive has been prepared.

The report recommends exploring additional traffic calming measures, including the potential to partially close Tivoli Drive, as interim solutions until the road is duplicated.

Independent analyst, Ratio suggests that a holistic approach is needed, which requires input from Council, motorists, Regional Roads Victoria and Victoria Police.

We will be holding a community information session for residents to discuss the report. In line with State Government directions, these sessions will be held online.

To register for a community information session, please complete the form below.

The date and time for the community information session(s) will be determined based on community interest.

Online Community Information Session

Registrations for the community information sessions for 16 September and 7 October are now closed. Registered attendees will receive a confirmation email with the event details.

If you have any questions regarding the information session please contact Chiara on 5272 4466.


Tivoli Drive/Greenvale Drive is a north-south connector road between Portarlington Road and the Bayview Central shopping area. The road was opened in August 2020 with an interim design which will be upgraded during Stage 2 of the Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan.

Since opening, we have received feedback from the community in relation to

  • traffic volume
  • speeding
  • noise, and
  • road width

In response to community concerns we have

  • reduced the speed limit from 60km/hr to 50km/hr from Portarlington Road to Stanley Avenue
  • introduced line marking and increased warning signage at the crossroads of Appleby Street with Tivoli and Greenvale Drive
  • introduced parking restrictions on the west side of Tivoli Drive and near the intersection of Stanley Avenue to improve sightlines
  • introduced speed humps to help manage speed and volume concerns
  • upgraded the intersection of Coriyule Road/Appleby Street and Tivoli/Greenvale Drive with splitter islands to slow down turning traffic
  • requested support from Victoria Police to monitor and manage poor driver behaviour
  • requested heavy vehicles accessing the local shopping centre and nearby developments seek an alternate route to reduce truck movements on Tivoli/Greenvale Drive.

Last month we conducted traffic counts to see if the changes we had made had improved traffic conditions. The counters were placed at two locations and provided information on volume, speed, vehicle type, and peak travel times (see summary). The results revealed:

  • that speeding drivers are still a concern on Tivoli/Greenvale Drive. While the speed humps have caused drivers to slow down, we had expected to see a greater reduction.
  • drivers have reduced their speed slightly at Stanley Avenue and Portarlington Road however, over 80 per cent of drivers are exceeding 50 km/hr

To combat poor driver behaviour, we have installed mobile speed detection devices.

The mobile devices will remain in place until permanent speed limit readers are installed. We will also be implementing a behaviour change campaign to encourage drivers to drive within the speed limit.

We will undertake traffic counts again in November to determine if further action is required.

JRUGP - Stage 2

Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan - Stage 2

The Jetty Road Urban Growth Plan includes a Stage 1 and Stage 2 development area.

Stage 1 was rezoned in 2009 at the time the Urban Growth Plan was adopted. A significant portion of Stage 1 has now been subdivided and developed. The area identified for Stage 2 is zoned Farming Zone and Rural Living Zone, which means that a planning scheme amendment is required to rezone the land for residential use.

The planning scheme amendment process for Stage 2 will inform the future design of Tivoli Drive and Greenvale Drive as a Primary Road.

A traffic assessment is required as part of the planning process, this will consider matters in relation to pedestrian and road safety and provide treatment options for Tivoli Drive, Greenvale Drive and the surrounding road network within Stage 2.

It is anticipated that a planning scheme amendment application will be submitted to Council in 2021. The amendment process includes public exhibition which provides an opportunity for the community to make submissions.

You can stay up to date about when the amendment is on public exhibition by clicking the “Follow” button at the top of this page.


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