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We have consulted with the community and stakeholders to share their feedback on the Unsealed Roads in Lower Bluff, St Leonards.

We are committed to continuing the community engagement process and keeping you informed along the way.

Please view the engagement summary here. An MS Word version is also available in the document library.


The Lower Bluff area in St Leonards has 12 unsealed roads that services around 300 properties (refer to map on right hand side of page).

While these roads contribute to the coastal character of the area, they do cause some issues including:

  • dust in summer
  • slippery surfaces in winter
  • water pooling after significant rain.

In June 2019, we applied a blended gravel treatment to the roads. We believed this would improve the road condition by reducing dust in summer and reducing surface water in winter. Despite performing well in other areas, the material seems to perform differently in the Lower Bluff.

We are currently seeking feedback from the community on the unsealed road issues. The information gathered will assist us in developing a tailored solution for the area.

Using the map below located your street or area of interest to provide feedback on

  • road condition
  • traffic
  • drainage
  • other road issues.

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