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Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

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The City of Greater Geelong is proposing to add more greenery to the North Valley Road Shopping Centre.

In 2011, a small streetscape upgrade was built. It included new furniture, trees and planting to the area. We are now looking to add to the streetscape to create a calm, green and vibrant shopping strip.

Council has put forward a $50,000 budget this year to provide greening of the area. This is part of Council's commitment to sustainable growth and liveability.

This first round of engagement sought to capture community ideas and issues on greening the shopping centre.

Thank you to everyone who provided input, it is valued and appreciated. A summary report of the engagement can be found in the Document Library section of this page.

The second round of engagement was to collect comments on the concept plan. The summary report can be found in the document Library.

From all the engagment a final plan has been produced and will be constructed shortly.

Your feedback is a vital part of our planning, and helps us make decisions to ensure the area remains a beautiful, inviting place that meets the needs of the local community.

A final plan has been produced from the engagement and has been sent out for construction quotes.

Construction will start on Monday 24th July 2023.

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Final stage feedback

Thank you for your time and feedback during the consultation process. Engagement reports for both stages are available for viewing and can be found on the right hand side of this page.

While there were positives in trying to calm traffic and create better tree canopy cover, there were quite a few people worried about traffic and parking impacts. Due to the communities concerns, we have removed the proposed centre of the road trees and increased planting in the existing and new garden beds.

We have now produced a final plan for construction. See updated plan below.

Final plan produced through community engagement

Final Plan

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