The City of Greater Geelong respectfully recognises the Wadawurrung People as the Traditional Owners and first inhabitants of the Geelong (Djliang) region.


The City of Greater Geelong is formally starting a conversation about 26 January, which is celebrated as Australia Day, to understand, respect and acknowledge the experiences of First Nations people and the wider community.

The City's Kilangitj Aboriginal Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on First Nations matters and requested that Council consider engaging with First Nations People and the broader community about 26 January.

The Kilangitj Aboriginal Advisory Committee recommended engagement for at least six months to allow for mature and deliberative discussions on this complex and emotive topic.

The Australian Government has gazetted 26 January as national holiday since 1994, and the community engagement by the City of Greater Geelong Council does not propose to change the date.

More than 2,400 people who identify as First Nations people call the greater Geelong region home.

Recommendations from this engagement will be presented back to Council to guide the City’s future approach to activities and commemorations held on 26 January.

How the conversations will evolve

City respectfully recognises the Wadawurrung people as the traditional owners and first inhabitants of the Geelong region.

The conversation will begin with face-to-face and online forums with First Nations People.

Engagement with the broader community is proposed to begin later this year and will include an online survey, the opportunity to provide a written submission, feedback via social media and interactive community forums.

Thank you and take care - Nyatne baa gobata

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