Project Update - 28 May 2021

This engagement is currently closed.

Submission period closed - 5pm 28 May, 2021.

This engagement is now closed for evaluation and review. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, it is valued and appreciated. We received over 290 submissions about the Principal Pedestrian Network.

A submission review panel hearing will take place on 14 July 2021 to hear any submissions the community wishes to speak to. An invitation will be sent to those who registered.


There are many streets in Ocean Grove without footpaths and other areas with gaps between footpath sections. Our Principal Pedestrian Network project has identified a series of footpaths that would connect users across Ocean Grove to key destinations.

A continuous network of footpaths has many benefits including:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • improving safety
  • improving access to key destinations, and
  • reducing car dependence.

The network would allow Ocean Grove to become a more walkable community and enable residents to enjoy the social, economic, and environmental benefits of walking.

At its meeting on 23 March, Council resolved to give notice of its intention to declare a Special Charge Scheme to deliver an expanded Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) in Ocean Grove.

Special Charge Schemes are used to help the City provide a range of public infrastructure, with the charge placed on the property owners who will benefit from the works.

The City would invest $3.65 million towards the project and property owners would each contribute $507. A list of streets included in the network is available here.

You can read more about the project, including our previous community engagement below.

Next steps

The City has commenced a legislated engagement process whereby property owners can lodge a submission in support of or as an objection to the special charge scheme proposal.

The City will consider all submissions/objections in accordance with the Act. We will present the outcome of the engagement at an ordinary Council meeting in late in 2021.

Property owners can make a submission either by using the online form below or in writing by 5pm 28 May 2021.

Should the special charge scheme proceed, construction would likely start after July 2023 and would be completed within five years.

Make a submission and/or objection - Submissions closed

In accordance with section 223 and/or 163B of the Local Government Act (the Act 1989), Council invites submissions from property owners that are included in the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network, either in support of or as an objection to this proposal.

If any person wishes to be heard in support of their submission, they must include in their written submission the request to be heard. This will entitle them to appear either personally or to be represented by a person acting on their behalf, before a Committee appointed by Council.

The date, time and location of a hearing panel will be advised.

Submissions must be received by the City no later than 5 pm 28 May 2021 and can be submitted using the online form below or in writing addressed to:

Coordinator Revenue Property & Valuations

City of Greater Geelong

PO BOX 104


To ensure your submission is valid please include your name, postal address, a contact phone number, email address (if you have one) and details of your submission.

About the network


Special Charge Schemes are used to help the City provide a range of public infrastructure, with the charge placed on the property owners who will benefit from the works.

The City would invest $3.65 million towards the project, which includes $440,000 for width upgrades to new shared paths and $45,000 for the City’s own property charges.

Under an equal share model – which was supported by a majority of property owners who participated in community engagement - property owners would each contribute $507 (see Past Engagement tab).

The total project includes 25.2km of new paths, with new sections added to the network’s original 22.8km, following requests from the community.

The additional footpath sections include:

- Wallington Road;

- Presidents Avenue (in front of the park);

- Tuckfield Street East Side;

- Shell Road West;

- Orton Street South (Sweetman Parade to Presidents Avenue);

- Field Street South;

- The Parade (Wallington Road to Field Street South);

- The Parade;

- Begola Wetlands; and

- Collendina Reserve.

A full list of streets included in the network can be found here.

The network also includes a 1.4km shared walking/cycling path along the length of Tuckfield St from Shell Road to Ocean Throughway and shared paths through Kingston Park, Begola Wetlands, Collendina Reserve, and extensions to the Peers Crescent riverside shared path.


Past Engagement

2019-2020 ENGAGEMENT

In December 2019, we started a four-month engagement program to gauge community interest in completing the footpath network in Ocean Grove. We also wanted to understand how large the network should be and what contribution the community would make.

We asked for feedback on two footpath options and four funding options (see table below).

During the engagement period we

  • sent 5,644 letters regarding the engagement process
  • received 1,035 valid surveys, a response rate of 18.3% (a survey was considered valid if it was completed and not a duplicate)
  • met with 454 landowners over 12 engagement sessions
  • received over 600 surveys with additional feedback.

The outcomes of this engagement was presented to Council in March 2021 to determine if the project goes ahead.


If the City determines the project proceeds it would be funded by a Special Rate Charge where property owners and council both contribute to the cost.

In traditional Special Rate Charge projects only the property facing the footpath would contribute to the cost. Previous engagement with the community highlighted an interest in finding a more equitable solution than the traditional method.The options presented to the community are outlined in the table below.

Funding Option
(Estimated network cost)
11.3 km network
22.8 km network
1. Traditional scheme

Only properties directly facing the footpath contribute


615 properties contributing


1,199 properties contributing

2. Street access

Both sides of street contribute


1,205 properties contributing


2,544 properties contributing

3. Sliding scale

Contribution varies based on property distance from the new footpath


3,372 properties contributing


6,291 properties contributing

4. Equal share

All properties within the new network contribute


3,373 properties contributing


6,293 properties contributing


Results from the survey indicate that 57.1% of those who responded (591 surveys) were in favour of connecting the footpath network. Of those who supported the footpath network 66.3% preferred to see the 22.8 km footpath network delivered.

Survey results also indicate a preference for the 'Equal Share' funding model over all other funding options.


The graph below shows the survey results for each footpath network and funding option.

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by City of Greater Geelong for the purpose of the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network project or any other directly related purpose. If the personal information is not collected, we may not be able to contact you for further questions or solutions.Your personal information will not be disclosed, except as required to do so by law. Our privacy policy is available on our website. If you wish to alter any of the personal information you have supplied to City of Greater Geelong, please contact us by sending an email to